“Large cabin to the boat” (“מונית גדולה לנתבג”) comfortable supplied with high-end technological equipment to satisfy it better.

Whether for a private or business trip, our taxi company www.taxi2go.co.il/ makes your taxi tours throughout the region, to help you discover our beautiful city. We also do touristic journeys for longer distances not just a Large cabin to the boat (מונית גדולהלנתבג).

www.taxi2go.co.il/ puts at your service competent and professional taxi drivers to carry out your trips and “a big taxi to the Ben-Gurion Airport” (“מונית גדולה לנתב”ג”). Our taxi drivers take you to your destination in the best conditions, punctual and welcoming; we guarantee easy taxi trips that meet your expectations.

Because we care about the quality of our “large cabin to the boat” (“מונית גדולה לנתבג”) services, we have a large fleet of cabs in various sizes to meet your entire route and passenger needs. With air conditioning, our taxis go from the high-end vehicle (luxury brands) to the van or van vehicle and our famous large taxi to disk (מוניות-גדולות-לנתבג).

Our taxi cab drivers keep mainly traveling, attentive to any service requirement by telephone as well as radio; These services can be anywhere in the region, both at the air port or to the airport, since a large taxi for you to Ben-Gurion Airport is among our very best service demands. We are for your use, day or night, to make your cab trips from / towards the place of your decision.

Our licensed employees (equally administrative staff and our drivers and also drivers) are generally trained in the company’s services along with automotive services, such as equipment, technology, etc. During the entire hire period of the particular taxi, the actual passenger can utilize our complex service and also our team manages it properly, it is the way of pleasing the big cabin to the boat.

In the event that, notwithstanding all the consideration we shell out to your comfort, when turn up a disappointment, you can find the telephone number in our taxi organization www.taxi2go.co.il/ in the email received following your reservation. When you need additional information, needless to say, you can call us through the e-mail or the numerous social networks or telephone outlines available and we’ll respond along with pleasure. To the rest, the partners will ensure that your taxi cab trips tend to be unforgettable.