We perform small claims filing (הגשת תביעה קטנה)

If you need to record a legal state with a particular person for a non-adequate repair to your automobile or for an adjustment that you do not contemplate fair from the rent where you reside or as you were offered a deceptive offer of an tourism bundle or simply as you received a defective product or service or a product that you did not ask for; and if you are within Israel and that claim does not exceed the NIS Thirty-three,900 then you definitely must go to any Small Claims (תביעות קטנות ) Court and enter your claim.

But in these cases you cannot be represented by a lawyer, then properly prepare a declaration of small claims (תביעה טנה) in the most robust way possible to have a high probability of success inside the trial you’re engaging.

Sadly, not all of us all have the capability to make a legitimate declaration file where we must think about the details of the situation, photographic data and papers that keep the statement you’re making.

This is where it’s highly relevant to have a specialized small claims heart where we have extremely qualified employees to help you prepare your statement.

Visit our website https://www.hageshtviaa.co.il/, which means you can get all the information you need so that we can work together on your affirmation.

We will not represent it, we elaborate a technical statement, robust and well polished, we handle the appendices of the case and we make the small claims filing (הגשת תביעה קטנה) before the competent court for the case that you are presenting.

We provide the very best service to develop a robust and also systematic record with all the facts to save you the valuable time inside bureaucratic procedures of state courts. Do not waste materials your resources and get straight to the purpose, without dealing with the bureaucracy of the legal system.

Get into your promises in the most reliable and effective method, with the correct professional management, which prepares all your papers for requirement with effective results.